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Mystical Darkness

Mystical Darkness

Published 07/05/2014 by
    [b][i]Elurian has known peace between the realms since the Burst of Fire first touched the enchanted world. Breathing magic into the charmed forests and painting beauty amongst the mountains, the Humans, Elves and Dwarfs lived harmoniously together. But now, a sickness crept its way unknowingly into this euphoric land leaving discontent and wickedness the chance to corrupt the magical creatures. A world now torn apart into several divides point accusingly upon each other. New skills must be learned to forge an uprising against the evil that is depleting the magic. Long existing friend now foe. One must overcome fear. Find gold! You must become the best at your trade! Then there is one final question. Will you make your journey alone or unite with other Mystics? Either way, One path may bring a broken Magical World back from darkness and the other,destruction![/i][/b]
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