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Nation Wars

Nation Wars

Published 04/10/2012 by
Nation-Wars is a free, multiplayer, turn based strategy game. Create a Nation or join up with an existing Nation to fight your way to the top. You will compete with players from across the globe to achieve victory. Winning can be accomplished in many ways including individually, and/or as a team. You can build your state to be the largest or war your way to the top. Utilizing a Global Economy you as a player will be able to choose from a multitude of player types (strategies). Including; Industrialist: Creates units for sale on the market Casher: Generates revenue and purchases items from the market Farmer: Produces food to feed the World's Armies Techer: Creates tech points to be purchased by nations for upgrades Economic balance and timing plays a large role in the success of your state and your nation. The game has many different units to upgrade, each with the ability to conduct special attacks. Once you identify the weakness in your enemies armor you can send specific attacks in order to defeat them. Spies Infantry Tanks Jets Bombers SAMs Ships Missiles Each round lasts for 28 days. You may win the game in a variety of ways depending on your goals. You may act as a lone State, create a Nation, or join a Nation. Using Diplomacy by creating Alliances with other Nation leaders to strengthen your Global Power. You have the ability to used that power to prevent wars, or to create wars. There are high scores for Nations as well as for individual States. You may survive the whole round or you may be killed simply to restart and rain down revenge upon your enemies. What will your rank be on the 28th day?
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