We are cellebrating 15 Years!!!


Published 16/04/2012 by ngamer
Neurostaza is a cyber/steampunk game set in the future. Increasing problems of humanity such as depletion of fossil fuels and the bacterial resistance to antibiotics gave rise to a great confusion. What are the game’s main features as compared to other productions? Its post-apocalyptic world will make an interesting combination of cyber and steampunk characteristics. The game is set around the area of former Republic of Poland, and several neighboring countries. But the most interesting thing that we have came up with is that there will be no ‘extreme leveling’ thing every other MMORPG suffers from. Players will gain experience and develop their characters, but only five levels of experience will be available to them. At the same time, it will be not the character’s level which decides of the character’s power – high-level players will not be favored.
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