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Crown of Conquest

New Name, and new equipment UI

Published 14/08/2012 by Mutant
    Kingdoms RPG now has a new name: "Crown of Conquest". While we felt

Kingdoms was a good fit for the game, it wasn't too distinctive and made

it hard to find through searches. "Crown of Conquest" refers to the

crown awarded to the kingdom with the highest majesty rating.

We've also recently completed a release that includes a complete overhaul of the equipment UI.

Characters now have an inventory based on a grid, much like many other

RPGs. The shop has also been completely re-done, allowing you to easily

buy, sell and equip items with drag and drop.Also added is the new Priest spell "Farsight", which lets you scout any

sector in the wilderness. It will reveal details of buildings, orbs,

dungeons and creatures there, as well as the defences of towns.

Extremely useful for recon before raiding a town.
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