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NightFable: Trinity

NightFable: Trinity is now in Open Beta

Published 03/09/2022 by jbrennan
NightFable: Trinity (NFT) is an idle side-scroller that combines elements of text RPGs and PBBGs into a graphical interface. Powered by HTML5 (WebGL) technology, NFT is playable on any platform. Currently, a dedicated iOS app is being developed, with Android and web browser apps already been made.

Here's a dedicated redemption code to gift your account another 522 Diamonds! Simply click your avatar -> click settings -> enter BROWSERMMORPG to claim the limited gift! Although in-app purchases are available for NFT, everything can be earned for free. In fact, by just completing your daily tasks, you can get a free random Legendary hero! You can obtain a random Legendary every day and earn mythic accessories along with that.

Whether you are a hardcore grinder or a casual gamer, NFT will be the right game just for you! With ample rewards for everyone, there will be no one left in the dust. Create your team of heroes today and embark on a marvelous journey!
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