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Published 22/10/2011 by pardus
Located in a technologically advanced but war-torn universe, you are an adventurer who roams through a multitude of diverse galaxies in your spacecraft while striving to obtain wealth and power - as are many others.[br] There are various ways to work towards these goals: Mining raw materials, constructing buildings which manufacture sellable goods, carrying out assignments, developing profitable trade routes, bounty hunting, plundering buildings and ships, smuggling illegal contraband, commanding a starbase and countless other possibilities.[br] [br] You may struggle to rise to fame and fortune on your own or perhaps you prefer the safety and support offered by one of the numerous player-made alliances - or even found your own alliance. You may want to build your wealth in the economic stability of a well-populated and well-developed sector, or you might risk everything to be a pioneer in the outermost regions of space. You may find yourself outfitting your first fighter ship to help rid the universe of the numerous creatures lying in wait for unwary prey - or perhaps you will be hunting for prey of your own.[br] [br] Whether by building and trading, honing your battle skills on hostile space-monsters, advancing your rank and reputation or smuggling and vicious pirating, there are as many ways to play Pardus as there are players.[br] The universe is waiting for you to make your mark.
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