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Pernix Rsps Runescape private server 2015

Pernix-Rsps | Runescape private server 2015

Published 03/05/2015 by pernix
-Duo Slayer -Target system -Dwarf Multi-cannon -Bank Tabs -Switchable gameframes -Client settings -Money Pouch -Revenant cave -Killsteam system -Player user titles -Curses/quick prayers -Full summoning with working specials -All skills trainable with their own skilling zone -Stable economy -Pking is fun, and worth value -Trivia Bots -Perfect boss animations with multiple attack styles -Great shops to fulfill the needs of players -Working clue scrolls -Perfect bridding, welfare, pure, range, mage pking -Great pvm community -Unique barrows with interface -Very unique teleport interface offering many teleports -63 wave jad, log out between waves supported ------And of course many more, these are just the core features that make Pernix unique!--------
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