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PlayRF.CO: New RF Lebay Reborn

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Published 22/02/2015 by playrfco

Brand New RF Online with Multiregion Server

Experience the brand new RF Online with multiregion server, now available in the United States, Singapore, Philippines, Brazil, Russia, Europe, and Australia. Choose from two exciting world options: LEAGUE Med Rate with a level cap of 66/70 or EXTREME High Rate with a level cap of 95/120.

Rebirth System

Embark on a new journey with our rebirth system, allowing players to experience the game from a fresh perspective while maintaining their progress and achievements.

3rd Job

Unlock new skills and abilities with the introduction of the 3rd job. This new level of progression offers more depth and complexity to the game, providing a richer gaming experience.

No Equipment Donation

We believe in a fair and balanced gaming environment. That's why we do not accept equipment donations. Every player starts on equal footing and progresses through their own efforts.

Cheap Donation

Support the game through our cheap donation system. Your contributions help us maintain and improve the game, ensuring a better experience for all players.

Free Newbie Starter Pack, Premium Service, and Jades

New players will receive a free newbie starter pack, premium service, and jades to help them get started. We want to give everyone a warm welcome and a head start in their adventure.

Since 2008

RF Online has been providing a unique and engaging MMORPG experience since 2008. Join us and become a part of our long-standing community.

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