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Ring of 3.0

Published 08/09/2012 by
Ring of legends 3.0 release notes


* We have completely reorganized the class system
o Now there is a cap in the statistics’ value for each class which means that for each class there is maximum value for each statistics and for the total sum of all statistics. That value increases reaching a new class
o The cap is calculated as 6 X Class Level regarding the total sum of all statistics and for each statistics the cap is calculated as 3 X class level
o The Masters have been modified based on the statistics cap, in fact they have now a sum of all the statistics minor than 2 points from the cap
* Masters
o Master now challenges automatically only if the player has defended 100 time the title (single or tag) for that class
* Supporter
o Supporters can add in the training queue a statistic in the cap has been reached (only by 1 point)
* Immediate learning of the statistics
o Now it is possible to learn immediately (without waiting the timer) any statistics using credits. The cost in credits is proportional to the time needed to learn the statistic
* Time Management
o The timers necessary to wait before a new match have been deleted
o Now to do a match the player doesn’t need to wait the timer anymore but he must use a fixed quantity of energy (different for each match type) from an energy pool
o The energy can be recharged based on four different possibilities:
* Waiting a timer, in fact every 6 minutes, the energy is recharged by 1 point till the maximum value of the energy pool of 60
* Buying energy recharger with credits
* Reaching a new class (in fact the energy bar is fully recharged)
o The energy purchased with credits is added to a special energy pool different from the one able to recharge. The energy in the special pool never expires and there not limits in quantity of energy that can be stored, but this pool is used first when the player uses energy
o The cost of energy for each match are the following
* 1 point for standard challenges
* 1 point for the invitational pay bac
* 3 points for the invitational matches
* 1 points for the title challenges
* 0 point for ranking challenges
* 0 point for underground matches
* 0 point for challenge.
* 1 points for tag challenges
o Now the timer reset grants an energy point
* Game Interface
o We published a complete new game interface trying to make it more user-friendly and easy for immediate use for any kind of player
o We added several boxes to make easier any shortcut action
o In the main page of the game, we have created a special box that visualized a summary of all the daily user’s data and statistics like number of matches, quantity of experience, quantity of money gained. The box data are reset at 00.00 am
o In the same box are not visualized the best 3 daily users for number of completed matches
* Matches
o The stables now have not only 1 match each day anymore but a player can do any number of matches based on the available energy. The energy cost for a stable match is 2 points
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