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Virtonomics Economics online

Virtonomics: Economics on-line game

Published 12/09/2013 by virtonomics
Why play Virtonomics is up to you. For our part we can affirm, that this on-line economics game allows you to enjoy playing it, as well as offers the opportunity to achieve significant success by learning to manage your virtual business. While playing you can enjoy new acquaintances many of whom are talented specialists, managers and businessmen. In Virtonomics every person finds what he/she needs, that is why it is so unique. There aren’t that many games which can offer the same. The main goal in Virtonomics is to create a successful business. How many other games with this kind of competition do you know? You will have to do trading, production, science research, mining, agriculture, manage personnel, finances, marketing, logistics and other business processes. Have you ever thought of being a tycoon, trying to manage your corporation, hiring and training personnel, arranging sales and supplies, keeping track of your competitors’ actions, improving the quality of your goods, promoting your brands, taking part in auctions and much more? Virtonomics - a business game of the new generation – can offer you all mentioned above!
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