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Welcome to the new BrowserMMORPG website!

Published 19/02/2011 by Browser MMORPG Team

Migration to new website is now Complete

As you were already announced by email, we started to move to a new website engine a few days ago. This process is complete and what you see now is the new BrowserMMORPG website. Game owners have now a lot of new features they can use to better promote their games. Players can now register to gain ten times (x10) the voting power of anonymous voters. The interface enhancements are many and of major importance and I could go on and on about them, but better I will let you discover them.

The list has a new and improved layout to increase maximum exposure of more games and promote them in a more fair way. is no longer just a toplist, but much more!

 Game owners can make announcements, post articles, upload video trailers, integrate bonus codes to reward their voters or organize contests, setup incentive voting, integrate with facebook, and so on. We also have a bunch of unique features comming up that you will defenetly enjoy.

Our support is ready to assist any of you in case you need any help with the new features.


Voting code vs old voting code

Game owners should login in their accounts and grab the new voting codes/links for their games. The old voting links will no longer work.


Where does the old site hide?

We move the old site together with the accounts and games registered on it , to an other domain. You could alter the old voting codes just a bit and it would make them work for that site. content was moved to domain, on a different server, different IP, and will be handled from now on as an independent site not connected to

.Net domain will remain on the old engine, just a toplist, as we will focus all our resources in enhancing the .Com version. Even so, the old browsermmorpg site was bringing nice and high quality traffic already so you might want to continue to use the .Net version, just consider it a new toplist.


Accomodation period

In the next days some things might change. Please excuse any error you might find and announce it asap to our support so we can fix it. The featured games and the advertised games are not one and the same like it used to be on the old site, several things differ in concept but eventually everything will fit in place. Thank you for understanding.



Aiming to become the best Browser MMORPG resource

...And these are not just marketing words.

We will really try to become one of the best websites dedicated to browser games. This means unique features, tailored for browser games, clean and high quality traffic, updated content and great technical support in case you need anything. The website you see now is the fruit of many month of work on a fresh new engine so we will be able to expand it as needed. What you see here is not the common CMS or opensource toplist script most use (like we did too for a few years!). If you saw this engine elsewere it is because those sites are also our websites. In fact, is just one from a network of many websites dedicated to MMO games that we run.


Active support

Any issue is handled individually. We have a support team ready to answer your questions 6/7 days a week and a phone number for emergency situations. Regardless if you have a game with 10 players or one with 1million players, your questions or issues are improtant for us and we will do everything in our power to assist you. We will even create the 600x250 banners for you in case you have none, or give you advice on how to manage your game if needed, for free, seriously! :)


Thank you for reading,


BrowserMMORPG Team

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