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Margonem MMORPG

Why Margonem MMORPG?

Published 13/09/2013 by Klingfanger
We live in the golden era of games. The best 3D productions give us upmost real experience of game play. However, it demands & requires an enormous calculation power and the newest graphic cards. More over it usually takes up a lot of hard drive space, online connections to download saves, or ensure that the copy is legal and much time of a constant, serious play. There are quite a lot of things we have to do before we may immerse in our favorite entertainment. What will happen if you would like to play at work or just casually want to de-stress? This is why the browser games attain more and more fans. It’s great fun without any installations. You [b]launch your browser, log in and play![/b] Then Margonem MMORPG can expose players its 2D [b]vast world[/b]. The main agenda is simple. Not so long ago there was the War of Sorcerers, who wanted to invade Margonem to conduct their illegal experiments. Therefore, [b]monsters and powerful degenerated creatures[/b] were left in woods, fields, ruins and now endanger lives of simple folks. You are awake in a small village after a long illness caused by monster’s attack. Every village has its own distinct character because there are [b]six professions in Margonem MMORPG[/b]. Players may choose: mage, warrior, hunter, paladin, tracker or blade dancer. Every profession has its own type of attack and different class items. After completing starting quests, players travel to the closest town. World of Margonem consist of [b]nine main towns[/b], each one being different. There are farming towns, castles, rogues lairs and harbors. However, the adventure & experience begins in the wilderness. Roving the woods, fields and bogs, you can find [b]ancient ruins, secret treasures buried in deep caves[/b], legendary beasts and vicious monsters. You won’t have enough of slaying them. You can encounter all the fantasy foul races as orcs, goblins, gnomes, duergars and many more. More over here are also wild animals, and creatures like griffons, harpies, hydras, dragons and [b]beings that you haven’t ever encountered anywhere else[/b]. Fights are also enjoyable! You can wage your own battles alone, with a party, against one or several foes. You can strike down monsters or other players. Deep in dwellings of beasts, you will find [b]strong bosses[/b] especially that are very hard to overcome, but they’re worth the effort because of the powerful items that they leave after a victorious battle. There are three kinds of monsters: elite, elite II and titans. Different monsters use [b]different fighting techniques and inflict different damage[/b]. That’s why players teach their characters [b]special class tactics[/b] to fight more effectively during turn fights. Fighting isn’t always, at your disposal there are more than [b]three hundred quests[/b] that can be contracted with many inhabitants of the Margonem world. Quests and skills aren’t everything; you should always choose the best weapon set against a certain monster or other players. You can choose from more than [b]ten thousand items[/b] present in the game’s world. If you need protection against venom, you have to search for the appropriate armor, shield or cloak. The same applies to other types of damage: fire, frost and shock. You can hunt [b]unique, heroic and legendary items[/b] that are extremely rare and unique in the game, but they give significant advantages against monsters and players. However if you collected enough gold you may buy them from players or buy at auctions. The game play isn’t everything. [b]Forums[/b] are integrated in the game. There you can exchange your views and experiences, share your art and expertise. A great effort was also made to ensure players the best possible communication. Inside the game there are [b]convenient types of chats[/b] and [b]Margonem’s mail[/b]. Every players account has its own profile that can be developed in any desired way. has its origin in a national version –, which at the current moment has [b]forty five game worlds[/b]. You can find normal, role-playing, PvP, non-PvP and private types of worlds. More than [b]three hundred thousand players[/b] share the experience and fun in Margonem MMORPG. That’s why we hope that international players will find a great site as our present players have. [b]We welcome you to save citizens, slay monsters and become great heroes![/b] See you on the trails of Margonem!
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