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A cat auction, a much clever Christmas Tree, and m

Published 20/12/2023 by warventure
MagicDuel Open World Adventure
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This year's Christmas tree activity tracking has been updated with a display of activity percentages on user profiles. We've also tweaked the rates to favor less active players, with improvements for new players on the way. These profile values will play a role in this years gift dispatching... oh, right, be sure you don't miss the Christmas Gifts under the tree!

Christmas is not just red, or green or white, it can be black as well :D, Join our unique black cat auction - a thrilling fundraising event where you can bid in gold! Note, the feline might have unpredictable behavior in the future, making it all the more intriguing.

Hmm..what else.. oh yes, we've also enhanced our server for a more seamless experience and are keen on your feedback. Speaking of which, we're open to your thoughts on our revamped Christmas tree. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into today and join us in these exhilarating developments!
A lot happened in the last few days, you can review the complete changelog here:

[Wednesday, 20th December '23] Christmas Tree Activity tracking updated

The Christmas Tree activity tracking has been updated to use the correct numbers for this year. The activity percentage is now displayed on user profiles. The rates for lower percentages will be boosted to be more favorable for less active players. However, the feature currently does not work for new players, but this will be addressed in tomorrow's update.

[Tuesday, 19th December '23] A cat auction!

There is a cat auction happening as a fundraising event. The auction will end at the end of the year and bids can only be made in gold. The cat may have unpredictable behavior in the future, but till then, it can be placed in any scene at any time.

[Monday, 18th December '23]

More tweaks have been made to the server to try and get it to crash less.

[Saturday, 16th December '23]

We are looking for feedback on the Christmas Tree this year. it has been reworked to be a little different so all feedback is welcome. Please add comments on the forum.

[Friday, 15th December '23]

Aia - The Blessed Lady but also a creative!

Aia is being praised for her hard work and dedication to the game. She has been given the tag "The Blessed Lady" in recognition of her contributions. Chewett is encouraging others to visit the Creative Creatives scene.

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