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MagicDuel Openworld Adventure

Killing and Reviving tools tweaks

Published 04/12/2023 by warventure
MagicDuel Open World Adventure

Balance Updates on!

Get ready for a wave of new balance tweaks! The killing tools with a reuse interval of two or more months now have a reduced interval of just a month! Killing tools shake up the game, but they can be easily abused, so all killing tools now have a 7-day reuse interval, this includes the feared daggers of Necrovion guards, influencing the dynamics of illegaly visiting Necrovion :D
We also finished moving to a new location, so these updates include also server upgrade releated notes, that might or might not interest you, but its still good to have a clear overview of whats happening in the world of MagicDuel.
You can review the complete changelog here:

Monday, 4th December '23

Kill tools with lowered reuse interval: Tools with a reuse interval of two months or more have had their reuse interval reduced to one month.

Monday, 4th December '23

Slower killing tools: All killing tools, including those used for official roles, will now have a 7-day reuse interval. This will significantly impact the frequency and methods of killing in Necrovion, as well as the ability for guards to be tricked or bypassed. There may be further changes to the reuse interval based on the active population.

Monday, 4th December '23

Faster reviving tools: Reviving tools that require a gold cost now have a shorter reuse interval of 14 days, while tools that use blood, have a reuse interval of 7 days.

Thursday, 30th November '23

Server firewall upgrade completed: The server firewall upgrade has been completed after nine days of work with the server company Chewett. No further updates or reboots are scheduled for today.

Tuesday, 28th November '23

Server firewall work continues on Wednesday Evening: Chewett has been working with the server hosting company to fix issues with the new server's firewall. The work will continue on Wednesday evening, and there may be some downtime for the website while they try different solutions. Chewett is knowledgeable about firewalls, but there is a risk of blocking access to the server if something goes wrong. No further work is planned for Tuesday, and updates will be provided when the work starts and finishes.

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