We are cellebrating 16 Years!!!
Shadowland Online

A White Hot Christmas Event with Shadowland Online

Published 16/12/2011 by ZQGame

About Shadowland Online 
Shadowland Online is a browser-based social strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, where players must work with each other to conduct war against allied enemies and dark forces that threaten their homeland.

This Christmas, Shadowland Online is bringing you a WHITE HOT holiday celebration. 

Time Frame

Dec 22, 2011 - Jan 4, 2012 

A. $15 Value Gift Pack for New Sign Ups 
New Player Gift
Sign up and get a free gift valued at $15
  • 150 Diamonds
  • 3,000 Gold Coins
  • 100 Battle Achievements
To get your gift:
Go to the game, create a hero and finish the tutorial
Gift pack key (Newbie Gift) will appear in the Account information box on upper left corner of
Redeem it in the Town Hall

B. Secret Gifts from Santa 

1. Gifts that grow from trees
In God's Continent, winter Christmas trees grow daily gift packs.
Check the outside of your town and claim the secret gift pack.
Redeem it at the mall afterwards.

2. Limited Santa Quest
Santa has been kidnapped by darkness, and can not spread gifts across God's Continent.
Save him and receive something special!

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