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Ai powered irc style commands!

Published 23/04/2023 by warventure
    I want to keep the retro style of chat commands and vintage gaming, yet i want it to have a touch of modern insanity to the game, a contrast between classic and forgotten , and cutting edge and modern tech.

In that spirit, i present you a couple of chat commands one could not even imagine a few years ago, back in the day when some of us where using MIRC :)

(examples of actual use)

/isdoing Fyrd Argentus

(checks the activity of target player and tells what he's up to)

/joke flying pigs

(makes a joke about the given subject or player, in the context of the discussion)

/mood Blackshade Rider

(tries to detect the mood of a player, provided he was talking for enough time)

/reply Invie

(replies to target player, or to conversation)


(make a summary of what was recently discussed in the current location)

/trade Piece of Cake for some flour

(creates a sell pitch for the given item and requested pay, item needs to be in your inventory)

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