We are cellebrating 16 Years!!!


Published 02/05/2018 by pakalbekim
When was the last time you played a game where you could win real trophies you could touch? That’s exactly what’s planned for the upcoming rounds of Armaldia - a MMO city builder game. You might have guessed that already, but I will put it straight - Armaldia is not like the other games. We’re all about the freedom and great experience for you. You will be playing in an unlimited map where you can build anywhere. You will be able to create your own gear and items. And by saying your own I mean it. Configure 18 different bonuses, give the item a name you desire and insert a picture you like. Then sell, use or hoard! The best part is that you can just build in game and the game itself. You don’t have to worry about someone plundering your buildings. The devs are listening to you and implementing things in days and sometimes hours. Every interesting aspect of the game isn’t monetized and there aren’t ads plastered on every wall either. This is your chance to enjoy the raw and beautiful gaming experience and the community around it. Just head to the current round in and get to know the game. Warm up and get ready to win a real trophy you can show your friends. Or your mom who said that your gaming hobby won’t ever amount to anything!
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