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Published 05/11/2013 by xbustax
With the down fall of lost members prize Pimps is announcing the return of Changes are coming with a new look which means we are starting at ground point 1 (BETA-2) stay tuned.

News from Admin 1:

(#1)debuggingstuff doing some testing 10-27-2013 06:23:03 EDT
I'm currently doing some testing on some items here just so you are all aware. If there are any problems or questions let me know but I'll try to keep everyone filled in on what is going on.

1. new server, current server is fine, but I have a better server to move it to. I'm testing some migration items and this likely won't be anything done for a month or more depending on how busy I am in November.

2. I'm changing the turn system. I've been wanting to do this for what seems like forever. Currently I have it so that every 10 minutes the server goes and adds turns to all players and this is fine. However I'm going to try and develop my own logic to make it unique for each player that way not everyone gets turns at the same time which could possibly make it easier to predict when others will use turns. Kind of dumb to change it, but I want to give it a shot so I can move on with other pet peeves. As a result of this there might be bugs with the turn system. I hope there isn't but if there is and you feel adversely affected just give me a shout.

3. I have numerous suggestions by Busta (Admin 2) which I need to implement. I hope I remember them all, but they aren't forgotten.

4. Theme is likely going to change some, nothing major I just hate the way this one looks, but I do like somethings. If anyone has ideas on an "interface" let me know.

admin 2
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