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Battle Of Destiny

Battle Of Destiny

Published 10/04/2014 by Rushy1986
    Once upon a time, in a world with a minimum of technology, there existed 8 warring races.

Each race with special powers unique to that race. No one knows how the warring started, but throughout the history of the world it has been a constant thing permeating through all aspects of the civilization.

Humans - with their love of and greed for gold.

Orcs - able to steal an opponents gold in a PvP fight

High Elves - Healers in battle

Dwarves - able to equip armor easily and block damage

Undead - able to escape using energy in battles

Dark Elves - Masters of counters and stealthy first strikers

Vampires - Regenerating undead who can restore most damage that comes

Werewolves - Deadly lethal opponents who do more damage in their lycan rage

Will you join the Battle of Destiny striving for dominance of a chaotic world, paved with blood and dead bodies of enemies long gone� Do you have what it takes to win�

This is a browser-based text game started in 2009 and is a free MMORPG. Everyday new stuff is being coded for it and updates are released on a regular basis.
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