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Published 12/12/2015 by stavrica
Risk, evolved to support 200,000+ players on one map. BattleCell is an Earth-based multiplayer RTS that balances new and established players in competitive and cooperative engagements. Its massive real-time map couples PvE and PvP play with live player interaction within a single persistent world. [b]Features[/b] - Compete against players or the global AI - View live conflicts as they happen world-wide - Hone your skills in fast-paced arena games - Form federations with friends and players across the world - Trade resources and troops directly with other players - Fund your empire with cities, factories and banks - Want more? Recruit stalkers and steal from your enemies [b]Story[/b] Technology has marched mercilessly toward omniscience and omnipotence, but not on the shoulders any government. A few large multi-national corporations pursued the finer points of power: nanotech, energy and algorithms. In the last few decades, these few corporations have consolidated the world’s military might through economic manipulation and technological prowess. They have become the all-powerful Section 6. Among its many dubious facets, Section 6 operates a number of secret research laboratories throughout the world, whose purpose is to ensure the group's unassailable control. You have become an agent for Section 6, the conglomerate responsible for creating the Lazarus weapons system. These days, Section 6 agents are the law. Governments are weak, inconsequential. Recently, one of the Lazarus prototypes escaped confinement. It is now spreading in the wild. You’ve been ordered to eradicate the sentient Lazarus Kappa prototype by any means necessary. Seize any land that suits your fancy, inhabitants included. Infiltrate and sabotage any competitor, perceived or otherwise. Section 6 has granted you near-infinite discretion to do as you see fit. Build a military engine and wage war on anyone who blocks your path, wherever it may lead. Accrue an arsenal of weapons, forces and resources; compete in sandboxed arena games and the global battlefield theater. Get some nukes. Spread the love.
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