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Blacknova Traders

Blacknova Traders

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Published 03/02/2014 by alexayers08

Blacknova Traders: A Comprehensive Review

Blacknova Traders is a popular game that draws its inspiration from the BBS game Tradewars. This game provides an immersive experience where players are equipped with a basic ship and tasked with trading goods between space ports. The primary objective is to earn credits which can be used to upgrade your ship.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of Blacknova Traders is centered around trading goods and upgrading your ship. Upgrades can include larger cargo hulls which allow you to trade more goods in each turn, thereby increasing your earnings per turn. Other upgrades include better weaponry, engines, and sensors which enhance the overall performance and capabilities of your ship.

Colonising Planets

In addition to trading goods and upgrading your ship, Blacknova Traders also offers the option to colonise planets. Once you have colonised a planet, it will start producing goods and money for you. This adds an extra layer of strategy and depth to the game, making it more engaging and enjoyable for players.


Blacknova Traders is a game that effectively combines elements of strategy, trading, and space exploration. Whether you're a fan of the original Tradewars game or looking for a new gaming experience, Blacknova Traders is worth checking out.

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