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Candy Sugar Kingdom

Candy Sugar Kingdom

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Published 01/10/2012 by candyApple
Candy Sugar Kingdom - An Exciting Browser Game

Candy Sugar Kingdom - An Exciting Browser Game

Candy Sugar Kingdom is a unique browser game that brings a world of sweetness and adventure to your fingertips. This game boasts of a collection of adorable pets, each possessing their own unique strengths.

Two Types of Gameplay

Candy Sugar Kingdom offers two completely different types of gameplay. The first type allows players to interact with their pets inside the game world, providing a personal and immersive gaming experience. The second type of gameplay is the bomberman style, which provides a thrilling and competitive environment for up to 8 players in each game room.

Collectable Cute Pets

Each pet in Candy Sugar Kingdom has its own unique strengths, adding an element of strategy to the game. Collecting and choosing the right pet can be the key to success in this exciting browser game.

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