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Casus Belli

Casus Belli

Published 26/02/2013 by Casus
Project's team consists of people affected by science fiction and space simulators. Casus Belli's game engine is supported by all the modern browsers. Sys.requirements are minimal - you don't even have to install it. Developing your spacecraft you'll need to create your tactics to win battles with your fleet. Casus Belli project makes you free in your crafts' progress: you are up to choose its unique path - be it minesweeper, missile cruiser or laser sniper. Unlike most space sims we do not require you to conquer galaxies and stellar systems. Your own homeworld - Earth - needs your help. Incursive race of "Hunters" chose us to be their target. Will we really become these callous wretches' prey? We have recieved help from the unexpected and clandestine friend. Telling us nothing about itself, it helps us with advice and knowledge. Unseen technologies helped Earthmen become far more progressive in space tech. The survival of the humanity - THIS is our reason for war! This is our Casus belli!
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