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Chaotic Century Free Space Adventure Text Game

Chaotic Century Free Space Adventure Text Game

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Published 07/10/2012 by ccgame

Join the Battle in an Epic Online Space Adventure Text Game

Our home, the beautiful blue planet Earth, was once a haven for us. Peaceful, thriving, and full of life. But that was before the Skaze came.

The Skaze, a ruthless alien race, with their advanced technology and insatiable thirst for conquest, forced us to abandon our home. They showed no mercy, no remorse. They took everything from us, leaving us homeless in the vast, cold expanse of space.

But we are not defeated. We are survivors. We are warriors. We are training, preparing for the day when we will take back what is rightfully ours. We are waiting for the day when we will reclaim our home from the Skaze.

And we need you.

Join us in this epic online space adventure text game. Be a part of our struggle, our fight for survival. Help us prepare for the battle that will decide the fate of our planet. Be a part of our story, our journey, our fight for home.

Are you ready to join the battle?

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