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Clash of Kingdoms

Clash of Kingdoms

Published 08/04/2011 by dynastysaga
Relive the Epic Drama of All-Out War Koramgame’s latest release, Clash of Kingdoms, is a thrilling tour-de-force of traditional Chinese warfare and ancient culture. With a dynamic flash interface and all-new special effects, Clash of Kingdoms is also sure to satisfy your cravings for killer graphics. The game is set in the Three Kingdoms Era, a period of profound upheaval and constant battle. From out of the great crucible of war a cast of heroes and warriors emerged the likes of which the ancient world had never seen. In Clash of Kingdoms, you will take these legends under your command and wage the ultimate war! Are you tired of spending your precious hours leveling up buildings and gathering resources with no substantial gain in sight? Clash of Kingdoms has a new streamlined building system, which allows you to build up your empire quickly and efficiently so you can led your armies into battle without delay! Once you’ve built up your manors and marshaled an army lion-hearted and brave, you’ll be ready to enter into Clash of Kingdoms pièce de résistance, the Kingdom Warfare system. The Kingdom Warfare System utilizes the latest technology to allow tens of thousands of players to rumble in massive online battles simultaneously! Apart from the Kingdom Warfare System, Clash of Kingdoms also features a roster of some of the most legendary Heroes of ancient times, all at your beck and call and awaiting deployment! Each Hero comes with a specific balance of stats and tailor-made special abilities: Zhuge Liang outsmarts the enemy with devilish tactics, while Lu Bu overwhelms the opposition with pure force. Command a retinue of legendary heroes all while discovering the fascinating ancient culture of China! In the tides of war, who shall sink and who shall float to the surface to see another day? Join with your brothers in arms and take your Kingdom to the top! Clash of Kingdoms: unsheathe your weapon and march bravely into legendary ancient battle! A large-scale historical webgame like no other – Clash of Kingdoms
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