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Published 12/03/2012 by markal53
Game Info Call of Gods is a free-to-play browser game of MMORPG & SLG genre with a background story of wars among the Gods. You can play a role of yourself to finish challenges of one task and another. Also you may develop your castle and deploy your army force. This is the first combination of elements of RPG and SLG in browser-based games. Features: Free to play Browser based and no need to download or set up Perfect interface and sound effect Exciting background story and diversity of quests Powerful alliance system which enable players to gather together with companions Homeric battle among races and alliances Dungeons full of challenges Diversified achievement system Hero When you’re down by powerful monsters, you have hated your fragile shell? You are only human and not as physically strong as gods. Fighting the battle is not your area of expertise. In travel, you can recruit a variety of talented heroes from the pub around the map. They will accompany you around and learn various spells and fighting skills. Their strength will affect your entire army. Meanwhile there is still a minority of legendary heroes who survived from the Battle of Ghost on the mainland of Masure. They hide in every corner of the world, waiting for you to find.. Transmute “When the Divine Favor fell on common bodies, the principle of equivalent exchange will be broken. Midas touch will become a reality.” Phrase coming from the ancient songs of the legend has been spreading on the mainland of Masure. But truly it is the small box – Moran Deer chest that achieve it. When the heap of broken copper and iron came into glittering swords, and a bunch of cheap materials came into solid armor, you will be delighted to have such wonderful treasure.
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