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Colony Of War

Colony Of War

Published 10/04/2011 by Browser MMORPG Team



Human’s desire to push the limits of technology reached its peak when they successfully built the machine called a robot. The development of drivable units was completed by Dr. TL. He was recognized for his remarkable research in the field of artificial intelligence, convenience, and utilization. He created units that were perfect in software as well as hardware. This included frames, energy source, hydraulics, reaction amplification devices, and armor.

However, opposite of the development of technology, the quality of human life was getting worse. The overwhelming stress on the resources of planet Earth eventually revealed its limits. Many people wanted to leave Earth, but that was only a possibility for very few. Only rich people could afford it. The gap between the wealthy and poor became the worst in human history. People spoke up about the horrible situations but their rights were completely trampled by the government. At the same time, all of the nations’ governments worried about losing their ability to control who owned units. Eventually, they issued a law called the “Limitation of Robot Ownership.” According to this law, only privileged minorities could own units. The law worked successfully because to own a robot, people had to pay large amounts of money which was impossible for an ordinary person.


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