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Published 09/07/2014 by Sparky7861
The BEST super heroes were the masterminds and the playboys; the tech geeks and the millionaires. These are the super heroes that you'll get to be in this new text based RPG! You'll start out as a humble schmoe struggling to get by until you suit up and buckle your utility belt and fly into action as the top fighter! Fight villains, and other heroes alike, trying to get by with whatever you can find! Take a soda can and improvise a weapon of mass destruction and defend yourself with nothing more than a paper bag! All you need is skill, and a little time spent training your Rush, Might, and Defense! Or take the humble route and hustle the average Joe out of ALL their money with your swift sleight of hand and subtle distractions! Make millions before you know it and you won't have to rely on anyone else ever again! With that kind of money, you can buy all the gadgets and weapons you'd ever need! Buying weapons and armor is just fine, but you also need an awesome sidekick! I mean, Batman would have died more times than Robin did if Robin hadn't have been at his side! All you have to do is find the right decoder ring for the right sidekick and your set to send secret messages to each other so those nasty villains don't spoil your scheme to foil his plans! And what dynamic duo wouldn't be better as a titanic trio?! You can have that super pet of wonder the moment you meet the right requirements! The wild possum, the intelligent parrot, the mighty python, and the fierce bearded dragon! Who knows? Maybe you can find another one! So come and explore our cities and make them safer! Or use all these tools at your disposal and become the greatest villain!! YOU DECIDE!!
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