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Dark Gale

Dark Gale

Published 16/10/2013 by forte

Dark Gale is a free to play browser fantasy RPG that takes from elements from many other RPGs!


Dark Gale is a simple RPG designed to be played whenever you'd like in short bursts of time (30 minutes recommended) solo or social. Take control of the way your character is built with by leveling up and distributing your attribute points towards your characters attributes. Build that Cleric tank or that magic Swordsman you couldn't be in other games!


Guilds are one of the social facets of the game where you collaborate to take down powerful NPCs with your strategy and take down your enemies by putting them on your guild's aggro-list. Get invited by a guild or apply to guilds who put up their guild ad!


Another one of the social facets is the chat client provided where players can chat with other players in the current area or to their guild in real time! Ask for help, coordinate your guild and orchestrate trades with other players!


Dark Gale features instant and delayed battling. For instant battling, the moment you press attack your character does battle with the other participants of the battle. Delayed battles are joinable by your guild members in an attempt to take down an NPC collaboratively for loot or other gains!


There is no story to follow, so quests takes on a form of side story between the Linnean Alliance and Zimmerich Axis. Quests are simple and short and are designed to be completed whenever you want in your time whenever you want! Quests are always rewarded in due time with patience unlike the other games you've played.


Choose your Path and become a creator of items from loot that you have gotten from your battles and questing to create more powerful items. You will require the help of other Paths in order to create your items. Become a Weapons engineer, Armor Engineer, or Metal Worker with more Paths incoming!


You can equip any item you want! Items will make you feel powerful in various aspects. Items have levels and special abilities. Cast special abilities are usable by your class and level them up to make it even more powerful!


Give it a try! Invite your friends, family and game playing mates!

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