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Death Avengers

DeathAvengers Open Beta

Published 10/12/2011 by simsportsworld
    The Zombie Pandemic begins tonight at 6!  Taking place 6 months after

the Denver Survivors Massacre,  you find yourself as a survivor in the

now New Denver, trying to survive by using anything you can find as you

uncover the secrets behind the pandemic and work towards a cure.  

Tonight at 6 PM EST we will open the doors and you will be able to

experience everything DeathAvengers has to offer.  Please join our

community and also check out our live skype group to get inside info,

tips and tricks.   With new zones, crafted weapons, and bad guys every

week,  this site is a zombie lovers dream.  Even if you aren`t into

zombies persay, our unique battle system will definitely keep you

engaged and involved.  We believe it is the most intense experience to


We hope to see you there.
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