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DownTown Mafia

DownTown Mafia

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Published 05/05/2016 by downtown

Starting Your Life as a Lowly Package Boy

In the world of organized crime, everyone has to start somewhere. For many, that start comes in the form of being a lowly package boy. It's a humble beginning, but it's a necessary step on the path to becoming a feared Mafia Don.

Climbing the Ranks

As you make your way through the ranks, you will face many challenges. The fiery trials of the mafia world are not for the faint of heart. Each step up the ladder brings more power, but also more danger. It's a world where only the strong survive.

Becoming a Feared Mafia Don

Finally, after years of hard work and proving yourself, you may have the chance to become the most feared Mafia Don around. This is a position of ultimate power and respect. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. As a Mafia Don, you will have to make tough decisions and face the consequences of your actions.

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