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Dragon Eternity

Dragon Eternity

Published 21/11/2011 by q1online
Q1 Online Announces Open Beta of browser-based MMORPG “Dragon Eternity” Q1 Online proudly announces that Dragon Eternity, an epic next-generation web-based MMORPG has graduated from its closed-beta and is now available to the public at ( One of the most visually stunning and detailed free-to-play web-based fantasy RPGs, Dragon Eternity represents a new milestone in quality for browser-based MMORPGs. Brimming with PvP action, Dragon Eternity pits you against other players in team battles in the Arena of Honor, where victors earn glory as a gladiator; or on the battlefield at the Seven Bridges of Shadan, where only the stout of heart will be able to boast their reputation as conqueror. Daily tournaments are held in the Arena as an opportunity for accomplished warriors to show their mettle, and win exclusive equipment and reputation. In addition to battles in the arena and on battlefields, you can invwoke a special artifact to initiate a high-stakes duel with any other player in any location, at any time. Q1 is committed to vigorously updating the game with new items, quests, monsters and other exciting content. With ongoing weekly content updates, the scope of the game continues to grow as it leaves a successful closed-beta phase, and constantly evolves into an even greater MMORPG experience, unmatched in browser-gaming. The pace of content updates will only quicken as the World of Adan becomes accessible to a wider range of enthusiastic gamers. You will find plenty of opportunity to fit in with the bustling community of fans. Lead groups to delve into dungeon instances, or tackle surprisingly powerful elite mods, and you will temper alliances in the heat of combat. Then, of course, you can organize your faithful companions into a clan. Regular events are also conducted for you to mingle with other warriors, as well as earn experience and equipment. All of the community and multiplayer excitement surrounds a solid core of fantasy-rpg goodness. Dragon Eternity features synchronous multiplayer battles with detailed characters and fluid animations. During combat, you can watch as the struggle unfolds between other combatants, then focus on your important allies for healing, and switch back to bombard your most threatening foes with deadly spells. While developing your character, you must choose a class to maximize their potential in battle. Each class has its own combat strategy and commands a unique set of elements as the basis of its powerful battle spells. Warriors in Dragon Eternity go to battle with the most powerful ally imaginable: a dragon. However, only the bravest warriors can undergo the Trial of Dragons and claim the title of Dragon Knight. With it comes the honor to fight side-by-side with a dragon brother-by-oath. Before joining your fate to that of your dragon-brother, you can challenge each dragons to mock battles to preview their fighting style, or at any time simply catch a glimpse of what is to come. Life on Adan: Dragon Eternity is set on Adan, a world of dragons and magic, swords and sorcery, where a tense peace exists between two empires, Sadar and Vaalor. For now, the imperial war machines are engaged in constant battle against the bloodthirsty denizens of the continent of Tartu: walking corpses, disembodied spirits, dark beasts, winged fiends, and bands of depraved half-elves roam the land, all eager to send even the most battle-hardened warriors to early graves. But as the ranks of the two armies swell, the greater threat of war weighs on the mind of every imperial solider, and hostilities between individual soldiers have become a daily occurrence. The path of the warrior is not for the faint of heart, but the spoils of battle are enough for many citizens to pick up their sword and don the armor of an imperial soldier. Awaiting the victorious are piles of gold and items infused with potent magic, not to mention the immortal renown to be won on battlefields or in the colloseum. Join your friends in team battles, or annihilate your rivals in a duel to the death, using a Bonecrusher Sphere; Their defeat will cost your opponent dearly when they are struck with a curse that lingers long after your battle has concluded. Stunning panoramic graphics and gripping battles are the first impression of the game, but be prepared for a rich storyline and plentiful quests to draw you deeper into the realm of dragons. In the multiplayer combat system of Dragon Eternity, you can watch as the struggle unfolds between the other combatants, then focus on your important allies for healing, and switch back to bombard your most threatening foes with deadly spells. Smooth attacks and luscious spell effects are the hallmark of Dragon Eternity’s crisp battle sequences. Smooth loading times assure you that when other players claim to suffer defeat due to lag, you’ll know it was really because of your superior skill and tactics. The wide variety of quests and grotesque mobs to slay means there will never be a dull moment as your character moves up through the ranks of the Imperial Army. Building winning strategies upon attack stances, spells and hundreds of power-up items ensures campaigns will never turn into grinds. Powerful equipment sets give you an edge in combat that can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Earn a name for yourself on Tartu by completing quests for a host of NPCs, challenging other players in the colloseum, or on the battlefield. With reputation comes access to new features and exclusive items. Form raid groups to take on elite mobs, or explore the darkest reaches of dungeon instances and discover epic loot. A vibrant community and friendly moderators are ready to help you find your way; frequent tournaments and other events let you the dive deeper into the game community. Even the most experienced warrior needs a set of hearty comrades to face the most challenging dangers in Dragon Eternity! Game Features: Take part in gladiatorial free-for-alls in the Arena of Honor, or in vast team battles against the other faction at the Seven Bridges of Shadan [*]Smash your opponents in a duel with a Bonecrusher Sphere, and humiliate them with a curse that lingers long after your battle has concluded [*]Band together with other players to overcome practically unstoppable elite mobs [*]Unite your friends under the battle standard of your own unique clan [*]Summon your Dragon Brother-by-Oath to fight by your side [*]Harness the power of the elements; cast fierce battle spells from arcane schools of magic to obliterate your foes [*]Develop your character into an unstoppable force on the battlefield by choosing your warrior’s path as a knightly Paladin, savage Berserk, or cunning Witcher [*]Master the tactics of combat using attack stances, arcane items and devastating battle magic [*]Earn an array of reputations, from a terrible crusher of bones, feared by other players, to a protector of the people, praised by the citizens of your Empire [*]Collect elite equipment sets that maximize your power in battle and enhance the abilities of your warrior’s class [*]Do battle with hundreds of fantastic creatures that threaten the existence of your Empire
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