We are cellebrating 15 Years!!!


Published 19/10/2017 by dragonripcom
    DragonRip is a new web browser-based game, with both RPG and community elements.

The game is really new and updated almost every few days.

The current features include :

1. Fighting monsters in 5 different Fighting Fields. The attack is on AUTO mode. You can loot equipment, Gems, and of course Gold and Experience.

2. Fighting in 4 different Dungeons with waves of monsters and a Boss for a chance to loot equipment up to the highest rarity. The attack is on MANUAL mode.

3. Fighting World Bosses in a World Event at the Gates of Hell World Events can trigger at any moment, and currently happen around twice a day. The attack is on MANUAL mode.

4. Upgrade Charms with Gems for a boost of a percentage of your Attack, Defence, Experience gain, and Gold gain.

5. Train 7 Professions : Mining, Blacksmithing, Fishing, Cooking, Jewelcrafting, Hunting and Crafting. They are all on AUTO mode.
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