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Published 10/01/2020 by dwuneth

Dwuneth Kingdom: A Free Online Fantasy Text-Based Roleplaying Game

The Story Behind the Kingdom

The kingdom of Dwuneth is not what it used to be. Two years ago, a dark cloud descended upon the land as the evil king of Northfort mercilessly killed 90% of Dwuneth's citizens. The once thriving and prosperous kingdom was reduced to ashes.

The Rise from the Ashes

The surviving citizens of Dwuneth, under the leadership of King Odger, have been tirelessly working to rebuild their beloved kingdom. Each brick laid, each tree planted, is a testament to their resilience and their unwavering hope for a brighter future.

Your Role in the Kingdom

As a citizen of a nearby small town, you have been watching the kingdom rise from the ashes. Now, you have decided to join the brave citizens of Dwuneth, hoping to contribute to the kingdom's future and carve out a new life for yourself amidst the unfolding saga.

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