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Ecol Tactics Online

Ecol Tactics Online

Published 22/01/2013 by Colbeagle
Ecol Tactics Online is a turn based, browser strategy game where players recruits mercenaries and defeat evil monsters that threaten the queen and her kingdom. Customize your skill builds and gather a diverse cast of characters and prepare for war against evil hordes of monsters and their creator. Strategic decisions turn the tide of battles. The story begins with you, the hero, robbed by thieves and saved by a band of mercenaries. Aspiring to be like the heroes that rescued you, you follow the mercenaries back to their training grounds. They invite you to join them on their quest for wealth and great fortune, but only after you are stronger. After completing many quests you decided that you are ready to venture out with your own band of mercenaries. Unbeknownst to you, the hero, dark days are ahead with an invading army of monsters that will wreck havoc on the kingdom and it's queen. The game displays in amazing “old school” pixel art theme. Control your squad of mercenaries in a fully imagined isometric world. With deep character customization features, such as skill crafting, equipment upgrading, and costume personalization, characters and will never behave and look the same. Reminiscent of classic, tactical, turn-based RPGs, players will experience an expansive story line, a full scale engrossing score, and hundreds of side quests. Ecol Tactics is a full featured browser-based MMO with immersive game features such as detailed spell effects and character animation, PvP battlegrounds, and real time chat and whispers.
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