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Features of Mediaevalia 1.0.0

Published 15/12/2012 by miraur is a text-based browser game that takes the european nations of our time back to the past in a medieval place called Mediaevalia. Everybody is invited in the medieval adventure of a virtual lifetime, in a place where you can become a member of a guild or a military order, a mayor of a town of the leader of a nation.

In Mediaevalia there are 2 player types: warriors and citizens. The difference at the beginning is small(warriors can only join Military Orders, citizens can only join Guilds) and a player can change its type in-game.
At this level a character has the following options:
 - friends section: you can make friends/organize them into groups, send messages to groups, chat, etc ...
 - family: you can get married in-game with someone of the opposite sex, have children
 - multiplayer games, duels
 - ability to be involved in the political life of your town by joining political groups and running in elections
 - ability to evolve to the status of Noble that will give you the possibility to start trading companies
 - as a Noble you can be part of the Kingdom Council and even King if you are elected by the Council
 - can handle more than 30 primary resources like grain, iron, wood, etc (at any moment extra primary resources can be added)
 - has a personal journal for notes about in-game activities
 - has access to his own statistics over a period of 1 year

A town is a place of residence, the basic form of administration where you can grow into a respectable citizen.
At this level a town has the following facilities:
 - administrative/religious buildings: town hall, market, courthouse, bank, church, university, guilds/military orders headquarters
 - public enterprises upgradable for raw materials gathering: gold ore, clay, iron, wood, fishery, stone
 - private enterprises: taverns, inns, mills, distilleries
 - administration personnel(elected): mayor, treasurer, guards chief, army general
 - public elections every 30 days fort he above positions
 - political groups with membership, administration
 - technology research that will reveal new options, possibilities
 - ability to start a new town(fully functional)
 - establish commercial relations with other towns
 - town news added for a price by anyone present in town
... and many others

In Mediaevalia every nation has at least one Kingdom. At the beginning every Kingdom is hidden as a administrative form until one of the towns(associated with that kingdom) researched the Diplomacy technology.
At this level a kingdom has the following facilities:
 - capital with a palace for administration/king
 - kingdom council: 9 best regarded Nobles from all the kingdom. They will be able to change the capital propose a new king
 - king: is elected by the Council can set laws, decide taxes, etc
 - diplomatic relations with other kingdoms
 - alliances with other kingdoms

These are only a part of the features of Mediaevalia, a browser game that gives a new meaning for browser games complexity. 
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