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MagicDuel Openworld Adventure

February Update: Adventure log will read itself

Published 15/04/2024 by warventure
MagicDuel Open World Adventure
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**Exciting Updates at!** Hey Adventurers! We've rolled out some thrilling enhancements to your MagicDuel experience:1. **Bug Fix Triumph!** - Thanks to Aamon's sharp eyes, that pesky Paper press bug on Gateway Island is history! Your balloon journeys just got smoother.2. **Enhanced Auto-Read!** - Navigate MD with ease as our auto-read now covers sign-posts and dialogues. We're brainstorming a mute button too, so your feedback is crucial!3. **Self-Reading Adventure Log!** - Sit back and listen as your adventure log reads itself to you! Love it? Let us know, and we might just expand this feature!4. **Listen to Announcements!** - Tap the new icon next to each announcement to hear the latest updates without missing a beat!Dive into these updates and moreyour feedback shapes the future of MagicDuel. Check out these enhancements and keep the adventures rolling! **Visit now!**
You can review the complete changelog here:
[Friday, 2nd February '24] Baloon on the Gateway Island needed Paper to complete, but the Paper press was unable to produce it due to a bug.

This issue is now fixed, thank you Aamon for reporting the bug.: A bug in the Paper press on the Gateway Island prevented the production of Paper, which was needed to complete a balloon. The bug has been fixed thanks to Aamon's report.

[Friday, 2nd February '24] More auto-read:

The auto-read feature in md now includes sign-posts and dialogues, but there is a need for a general mute button to make it less intrusive. Users are encouraged to provide feedback to prioritize the creation of the mute button.

[Friday, 2nd February '24] Adventure Log will read itself:

The adventure log now has a feature where it can read itself out loud. Users can stop the reading by pressing a stop button. The feature may be integrated into other areas of MD based on user feedback.

[Friday, 2nd February '24] You can listen to announcements!!!:

MD is introducing a new feature that allows users to listen to announcements. By clicking on a small icon next to each announcement, users can now hear the information instead of reading it. This feature combines old-school adventure with modern technology.

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