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Fight Cycle

Fight Cycle

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Published 17/07/2012 by darknoon

Fight Cycle: The Ultimate Player Battle Game

Fight Cycle is a fast-paced, straightforward game that incorporates chat functionality. The game revolves around defeating other players, honing your skills, and accumulating more Victory Points than any other player. The ultimate goal? To triumph in the current Fight Cycle and leave some lasting wounds on other players!

The Cycle

Each Cycle spans 14 days, and the winner earns the privilege of having their handle displayed on the front page during the next Cycle. But that's not all - their victory is also recorded in Fight Cycle history, immortalizing their achievement for all to see.

Join the Battle Now!

Other players are already gaining strength and becoming more powerful. Don't wait any longer - join the battle now and start your journey towards victory in Fight Cycle!

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