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Fleet Wars

Fleet Wars

Published 25/03/2016 by fleetwars
Fleet Wars is a multiplayer turn based strategy game. Fleet Wars brings an exciting new twist to the Sci Fi strategy genre by focusing on ship design and fleet formations. You will take arms against other Empires in an attempt to dethrone them from their #1 position. Steal their Planets, destroy their military bases, do whatever it takes to become the greatest power in the universe. Built with all browser platforms in mind, you can play Fleet Wars at home or on the go. Game Universe: You step onto your balcony as a yellow sun lifts over the horizon. The light creeps across the land below, revealing a world that has been shaped by your iron will. Your people openly worship you, your enemies secretly fear you, there is peace and order a plenty. Wealth flows from across the planet to this city, your seat of power. You cannot fight your destiny. You cannot continue to rest on your laurels. All that you have made, all that you have become, must be put at risk for the chance of an even greater reward, an undying legacy as the one true ruler of the galaxy. As you move to plot your ascendancy, you cannot help feel an uncharacteristic moment of doubt. Will the ruthless efficiency and single-minded instinct that put you on your throne be enough to propel you to new heights in the unforgiving universe? Or will other warriors, other leaders who've also outgrown their terrestrial cradles, best you in that ultimate contest of power, strategy and manipulation. Game Goals: The aim of the game is to rise up the rankings and become the most powerful empire in the universe. You will achieve your ranking by exploring, acquiring new planets and exploiting their resources to grow your population and drive your need to create the most powerful ships with the most advanced technologies.
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