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Published 23/05/2014 by Drommor
Godwars: The Next Generation of Gods

Godwars: The Next Generation of Gods

The once thriving fantasy universe of Godwars was left in ruins when the 8 elder gods vanished from existence. Now, you, as part of the next generation of gods, have been tasked with the duty to rebuild and restore this universe.

As a new god, your first task will be to build a city for your followers. This city will serve as the cornerstone of your new civilization, and the home to those who pledge their loyalty to you.

Your divine powers also allow you to explore and dynamically create new worlds. These worlds, shaped by your will, will add to the vastness of your universe.

But the life of a god is not just about creation. You will have to fight in real-time combat situations, assigning strategies to ensure your victory. The battles will test your strength and strategic skills.

You will also have to wage war with large groups of highly detailed adventurers. These wars will not only test your might but also your ability to lead and inspire your followers.

And lastly, you will have the chance to collect dynamically created loot. This loot, a combination of rewards from victories and gifts from your followers, will help you in your divine journey.

Godwars combines elements from popular games like Diablo, Fire Emblem, Sim City and Final Fantasy. It is a unique blend of strategy, combat, creation, and exploration, making it a must-play for any gaming enthusiast.

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