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Got Gremlins

Got Gremlins - Strategy Game

Published 10/12/2013 by devlings
GOT GREMLINS Free Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game [b]Find the GREMLINS in Public Institutions! Lead your ARMY OF GREMLINS![/b] Got Gremlins is a funny but complex strategy game where you play with the gremlins that influence your daily life. We are surrounded by gremlins. Wherever we look, there is a hidden gremlin messing things up. Lately, since the financial crisis, their number increased. You can find them in [b]Congress (Parliament), Government or Court Houses[/b]. The public institutions are full of gremlins! Didn`t you know why there aren't many jobs anymore? It's their fault. The small and wicked gremlins are those who increase your bills. Some of us have learned how to find them and control them. It's not too hard. So, let`s get them. How many gremlins have you got?
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