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Illyriad launches Tournament: Bloodthirst for Knowledge!

Published 11/04/2011 by rescendent

Illyriad launches second King's Tournament: Bloodthirst for Knowledge! 


The New Museum Of
Natural History At Centrum

His Majesty King Sigurd of the Council of Illyria is pleased to announce a One Month Tournament starting immediately, with the main aim of improving our knowledge of the World.

A new Museum of Natural History has been built at Centrum and has been staffed by biologists and naturologists from the Empirium. The only thing they lack are a wide variety of specimens from the various creatures that inhabit the lands of Illyria.

His Majesty bids all the Lords of Illyria to send their armies far and wide to slay these creatures
. When your army slays each group of beasts there is a chance that your troops can retrieve prime anatomical specimens. The more beasts that are present at a location, the more likelihood that usable remains can be retrieved.

Your army will return to your home town as usual, carrying the specimens and these will be visible in your town's Inventory. The specimens cannot be traded or otherwise transported away from a town at this time, as such an endeavour might damage them and render them useless to the Museum!

The Mammoth:
A Dangerous Beast!

At Midday on Wednesday, May 11th the tournament will end, and highly-trained transporters from the Illyria Trade Council will collect all those specimens that are held in each Lord's town.

As this is a mighty work of knowledge to benefit the Kingdom as a whole, His Majesty has forbidden the theft of these specimens from player towns for the duration of the tournament - although his military advisors suggest that Lords might certainly use some more cunning and underhand tactics to hamper their competitors' efforts.

There will, of course, be prizes for winning the tournaments' various categories, and these prizes are designed to encourage individual Lords as well as Alliance competition.

The currently leading Lords and Alliances in each category are available on the Tournaments page.

His Majesty eagerly anticipates these specimens and the results of the valuable research into their possible uses, and bids every Lord and Alliance the best of luck in this endeavour.

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