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MagicDuel Openworld Adventure

January Update: Supercharged AI chat commands!

Published 14/04/2024 by warventure
MagicDuel Open World Adventure
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 **Exciting News from MagicDuel!**  MagicDuel enthusiasts, great updates are buzzing in our realm! ? Our AI has undergone a significant upgrade improving chat commands and automated summarizations for a seamless experience. ?✨ The Adventure Log (AL) is rolling back into action, ready to immerse you in thrilling narratives crafted by our very own "Invisible Voices" — think Dungeon Masters guiding your epic journey! We've been busy squashing bugs ? and enhancing various features, including creature mechanics which might affect how you recruit or trade them. ?? Stay alert for database upgrades happening this week, ensuring our world runs smoother. Curious about the fate of the enchanted presents? Dive into the mystery and perhaps, change the course of the story! ?? Join us now at to explore these updates and more. Adventure awaits! ?
You can review the complete changelog here:
[Wednesday, 24th January '24] AI upgraded:

The AI features, including chat commands and automated summarization, have been upgraded to the latest tools, resulting in improved performance.

[Wednesday, 24th January '24] Fixed the chat commands:

The chat commands were not working for a while, but they have now been fixed and are fully operational.

[Sunday, 7th January '24] Resuming of the AL:

The AL will resume later this week, possibly starting again at the weekend. Participants are advised to inform Chewett of any changes or new plans before midweek.

[Saturday, 6th January '24] For clarification, The invisible voice is a set of people not involved in the Adventure log story, but creating it, and can be treated as people who you can confide your plans in. If this were DnD you would call them the Dungeon Masters. There have been a few "theories" that they are the spirit of the elf but that is not correct.:

The "invisible voice" refers to a group of individuals who are not part of the Adventure log story but are responsible for creating it. They can be seen as people you can trust with your plans. In the context of Dungeons and Dragons, they would be equivalent to Dungeon Masters. Some theories suggest that they are the spirit of the elf, but this is incorrect.

[Tuesday, 2nd January '24] Some tweaks have been made to creatures and that might affect recruiting or trading them. Let me know if you find any problems:

There have been recent adjustments made to creatures, potentially impacting their recruitment and trading. Users are encouraged to inform Chewett of any issues they encounter.

[Monday, 1st January '24] Various database upgrades in progress this week:

This week, there will be various database upgrades and maintenance work on the MD code. Chewett will be focusing on this and may not be available for other tasks. If there are any issues or downtime, please report it on the forum.

[Monday, 1st January '24] After some feedback with the voices I have tweaked the interfaces they use a little allowing them to more easily find messages asking them for help. It is recommended to use the phrase "Invisible Voice" to speak to them (for the highest chance of them seeing and replying). As a reminder some of our voices have lives and replies may be delayed! Not all questions may be answered!:

Chewett has made interface tweaks to improve visibility of messages asking for help. It is recommended to use the phrase "Invisible Voice" for the best chance of a reply. Some voices may have delays in responding and not all questions may be answered. Use an empty scene for better communication.

[Monday, 1st January '24] A number of bugs reported by the Invisible Voices relating to sending PM's have been fixed. You may want to check your inbox in the event you received some during the buggy window.:

Invisible Voices has fixed bugs related to sending PMs, and users are advised to check their inbox for any messages received during the buggy period.

[Monday, 1st January '24] The elf is no more... perhaps? And surely that means the presents are LOST FOREVER?!?!:

The elf who was trying to remove the enchantment on the presents has been killed, leaving the presents seemingly lost forever. However, there may be other options to open the presents, such as avenging the elf's death or finding someone with greater magical abilities. The full log of the event can be found on the forum, and players are encouraged to start a forum post to plan and gather support.

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