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KOLONIATA (The Colony)


Published 04/01/2012 by decor
KOLONIATA (THE COLONY) is a multiplayer internet strategic game running in real time. The basic idea of the game is along with the other players to explore and colonize un unknown planet and thus revealing the secret of the missing aliens that have built the colony. The means and trends of your game progress depend entirely on you. For further development of The Colony you you have 10 types of buildings available, and by means of those you may produce and thereafter trade in hundreds types of machinery, vehicles, defence systems and equipment. All these allow you to explore and colonize unknown territories, to attack and conquer the land of other colonists, to wage epic battles or rival other players in different games. Each of your actions brings you experience and growth of your skills. The interaction with the other players constitutes the essence of the game - provided you do not rely on the help of the fellows, that would render the accomplishment of your goals much more slow and effort-consuming.
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