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Lord Empires CIty builder

Lord Empires - CIty builder

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Published 18/04/2013 by Guruland

Online City Building Game Based in Middle Ages

Immerse yourself in a world of strategic planning and tactical execution with our online city building game. Set in the captivating environment of the Middle Ages, our game offers countless choices on how to run your empire. You have the freedom to decide on your government, religion, nationality, and many more aspects of your kingdom.

Warfare System

Engage in thrilling battles using our simple but deep warfare system. This feature is reminiscent of the systems you would typically see in free online war games. Wage war, conquer territories, and expand your empire's reach!

Empire Building

Building your empire is at the heart of our game. Construct new buildings, gain land, and develop your economy. Watch as your kingdom grows and flourishes under your rule!

Fast Registration and Free to Play

Getting started is quick and easy with our fast registration process. Best of all, our game is free to play! You can enjoy all these exciting features and immerse yourself in the world of Middle Ages empire building with just 5 minutes of your day.

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