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Mafia Block

Mafia Block

Published 28/09/2012 by idlemediainc
Your quest: to be the toughest mafioso on the block! Are you hard enough to run the best Mafia in this Massively Multiplayer Mafia RPG? Explore the mean streets of Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, LA, and more! Travel the cities and explore fighting off bums, rival gangsters, and crazed cops. Then hit the Gym and train up to get tougher, and take on the world. Invite your friends to join up... Can you build the baddest Mafia gang? Fight and chat with other players: LIVE! Free to play! Online game only. Features: * Slick graphics! * Interactive Player Chat * Player-to-Player Mail * PVP Combat * Custom Gangs * A variety of crimes * Your own unique Mafia avatar * Real Estate * Player Career Paths * In-Game Education to Boost your Stats * Player-to-Player Market * Weapons and Armor * Custom Player Mafias and Friends lists * Enemies List to Track and Destroy your Rivals * Active Staff and Community
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