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Mafia Playa

Mafia Playa

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Published 02/02/2015 by brawnkoh

Mafia Game Strategies: How to Become the Godfather

In the world of mafia games, the families and gangsters aren't out to make your day bright and cheery. They will all connive and strategize to bring you down in any way possible. As a player, you need to be smarter, use your wits and your friends to play the game to its fullest!

Becoming a Mafia Idol

Becoming a mafia idol is no simple task. It requires cunning, strategy, and a ruthless determination to rise to the top. You'll need to navigate the treacherous waters of mafia politics, make allies, and eliminate enemies. But the rewards are worth the effort - power, respect, and control over the mafia world.

How to Become the Godfather

If you want to become the Godfather - the boss of all families - then you will need to control the streets with an iron fist. This means ruling with strength and authority, making tough decisions, and always staying one step ahead of your rivals. The path to becoming the Godfather is a challenging one, but for those who succeed, the rewards are unmatched.

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