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Mafia Street Wars

Mafia Street Wars

Published 02/03/2016 by mafiastreetwars
You wake in an abandoned building and have no idea where you're going in life. As you walk down the street you realize you need to do something now for money no matter what it is. Your job, is to rank to the highest, get as much money as you need and do whatever you can to be the very best. You are a business man, but sometimes blood will fill the streets, but make sure you are the one shooting. Death is an inevitable event, but will you be the one who causes it? However, don't forget to make sure you know who you're killing. If you don't you may find out they have important friends. You could end up the dead one if you pick a fight with the wrong gangster. Remember to make friends and respect people higher than you. That way people will respect you and you may get your own protection. You have to start somewhere and you have a long way to climb to reach the top.
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