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Published 25/02/2012 by mafiamob

Pull Jobs, Get Made, Whack Everubody, and Make Friends as You Rise Through the Ranks of the Mafia!

Welcome to the thrilling world of the Mafia, where every decision you make can lead to power, wealth, and respect... or to your downfall. This is the game where your strategy, alliances, and cunning will be tested to the limit. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

The 1st Ever Mob Game!

This is not just another game; it's the first-ever mob game that immerses you in the gritty, dangerous world of organized crime. Experience the life of a mobster, from pulling jobs and getting made, to whacking enemies and making friends. Your actions will determine your rise or fall within the Mafia ranks.

Pull Jobs

In the Mafia, you're only as good as your last job. Pull off heists, shake down businesses, and run illegal operations to earn money and respect. But be careful, the more successful you are, the more attention you'll attract from the authorities and rival gangs.

Get Made

Being made is the ultimate honor in the Mafia. It means you're a trusted member of the family, with all the perks and responsibilities that come with it. To get made, you'll need to prove your loyalty, skill, and value to the family.

Whack Everubody

In the world of the Mafia, enemies are everywhere. To survive and thrive, you'll need to whack those who stand in your way. But remember, every action has consequences. Make sure you're ready to deal with them before you pull the trigger.

Make Friends

In the Mafia, you can't do it alone. You'll need to make friends and form alliances to protect yourself and expand your influence. But be careful who you trust. In this world, betrayal is just a part of the game.

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