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MagicDuel Openworld Adventure

MagicDuel Adventure

Published 17/02/2011 by magicduel

MagicDuel Adventure

Role playing strategy beyond imagination

MagicDuel Adventure

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Contrary to the "default" browser-based-no-download-required MMORPGs that are solely based on either a text-based or a pixelated gfx core, this one is actually made entirely out of awesome looking hand-made drawings whose number grow daily. One notable feature is that each player avatar is a unique hand-made piece of art crafted just for that person. And if these gorgeous landscapes weren't enough, the game world is also comprised of a storyline web -- similar to those old pick-your-own-story books -- hundreds of poems, legends, lore elements, magic spells, and descriptions that just bring every bit of this fantasy world closer to reality... and that's not what makes it so special. Every standing stone and pillar on which this game is based on is entirely unique and has no known sources of inspiration... and still, that's not what makes it so special.

What does make this game so special is that every user plays a part. Everyday people become one with their role and their actions actually modify the world around them. No matter the role, diplomat, sage, warrior, creature master, dark lord, magic wielder --or whatever else you can imagine, -- you choose; whatever you do; whatever you say, will affect everybody else and the entire Realm in one way of another. What is known as NPCs in any other game, in MagicDuel is something anyone can become as the game characters are actualy real people with hard worked roles. If in other game you would fight the mighty dragon to get its treasure, here the dragon would be a real player that because of its story became that dragon.

It is this level of social and physical interaction firstly, and then the unique desgin of the actual game secondly, that won its loyal fanbase since 2007 when it was first launched by its small team of Romanian creators. Since then, the phenomenon grew somewhat out of proportion now as most players are able to create and alter the world around them and the entire game world is still evolving from one day to the next with daily updates and news.



This is not an easy game to play, but your efforts will be greatly rewarded once you understand how it works. If you like the social interaction and playing more than a point and click flash animation this might just be the game for you... but careful, it`s highly addictive.

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